Sense of Purpose !

Successful lives are motivated by dynamic purpose. God can only bless your plan and direct you in accomplishing it if you have strong convictions preceded by great actions.”


Purpose is the touchstone of any accomplishment, large or small. A strong man can be defeated by a child who has purpose. The only time we can live meaningful lives is when we understand the purpose of our existence.
Believe me when I say that only the creator is aware of how his creation was created. God; the giver of life accompanied with talents is our source Manufacturer.
A sense of purpose gives life meaning moving us beyond existence to a life of fulfilment and productivity.


If you try to live life without God, you will completely mess up your life because life without purpose brings abuse.

Our minds are thought factories propelled to think creatively by Vision.


A shallow thinker seldom makes a deep impression. We act or fail to act not because of will as is so commonly believed, but because of Purpose. Only when you see the invisible can you do the impossible.”


Shift your habits of thinking about the significance of your task and you can often accomplish them.
Remember that those who do most, dream most.

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