We always remained the admiration of all, many dreamt of our powerful love connection.

We were nothing without each other; out unity, our strength, our love, our passion…

You melted my heart in all parts, the only bright horizon in dark days, gleams brighter, shining like the sun, all ceased to be, without notice.

I used to know you; your fantasies, your wildest imaginations,

Now…miles apart, hardly do I know you.

Unbelievably, we became strangers, we couldn’t even settle for friendship.

I heard a voice, only for it to be yours!!! A wave you sent, over the comfort of hugs and usual kisses, strangers in familiar tone.



Susan Nwaobiala
Author: Susan Nwaobiala

Content Writer and bookish specie who considers interacting with people through her bedroom window enough social interaction.

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