Orisha Pikin: The Return of Jesus

Gather round, brethren.

Now there has been a thousand and one rumours about the Orisha Pikin Comicbook series and the sudden disappearance of some of its favourite characters. We haven’t heard from Baba Orunmila since the first two issues, and this is understandable. He seemed to have been dominant or influential in the classrooms alone. But what about Jesus!

Let’s talk about Jesus for a second. Everyone has been so distracted with Sango’s troubles, eshu’s mischiefs and Obatala’s good looks that we failed to notice that Jesus disappeared the day Sango allegedly killed *Sannkofamaan. Orisha Pikin is the only comicbook I’ve read that Jesus wasn’t necessary for everyone. Y’all need Jesus. For real!

On a lighter note:

In a recent interview with the creator of the Orisha Pikin franchise, he stated that “Jesus has been secured as a recurring character with a major influence in the story. “ Which means we’ll be seeing more of the character from the next release in September and the more issues that would follow. Cool huhn?

He made some other big announcements that I bet you might be interested in, Click here for the full report.
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*I hope I spelt his name correctly; he must have had a time spelling his name from childhood. May his soul rest in peace.

OP5: Orisha Pikin Returns and other updates
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