Orisha Pikin Creator Announces Live-Action Animation

It’s no longer news that the most recent issue of the mesmerizing Orisha Pikin got out this month. If you have not read it then checkout the spoiler free review by clicking here. We will wait for you.

Orisha Pikin is one of Vortex Comics Continuous Comicbooks alongside Strike Guard and….

Sam, help me out here. What other Vortex comicbook trends at the moment?

Sam: So many… There’s Avono

No! Christ No! What is wrong with you!?

Sam: Sannkofamaan?

What!? Dude, he died… In Orisha Pikin!

Sam: Oh! Yeah.  They’ve got June XII and Fela… Anikulapo

Cool. Orisha Pikin is one of Vortex Comics Continuous Comicbooks alongside Strike Guard, June XII and Anikulapo and the story so far has been captivating.

The Creator of Orisha Pikin, Kiyindou Yamakasi recently shared a first look at an animated storyboard for Orisha Pikin and it looks promising. You could spot Orunmila, Obatala and Sango? in the storyboard clip. The small clip gave me goose bumps. Why? I finally get to watch Sango yell and complain about a million ways to overthrow Obatala… or something like that, just to be the ruler of Orun. Then experience the African vibe on screen.

The Storyboard video was solely pencilled, directed and produced by Drunkem Endi Ode and we can’t wait to see a finished version on screen.

Kaboom spoke with Yamakasi and he stated that there will be an animated series produced by an animation company in the near future but for now, Drunkem Ode paves the way with storyboards for fun. Awesome!

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