OP5: Orisha Pikin Returns and other updates

Orisha Pikin was one of the Dandiest things that happened to the African Comic Space between late 2016 and early 2017.  Then one beautiful morning, the creator pulled off its single publishing company, Vortex comics for some controversial reasons.

On the brighter side, we caught up with the creator of Orisha Pikin last week and asked a few questions about the Comicbook

Sam: Okay, so we haven’t heard from your team since you left Vortex and we wanted to know if  we’ll still get to read new issues of Orisha Pikin this year.

Yamakasi: Op5 should drop around September and October. From there it’s going to be published every two months with no interruption.

Sam: Awesome! So it’s a continuation of what we’ve experienced from the past?

Yamakasi: Yeah! It’s a continuation

Sam: Cool! What should the fans expect from these upcoming issues?

Yamakasi: There is something new in the designs of the characters. Deities have an aura that differs them from other spirits. A very popular colorist has joined the coloring team as a permanent colorist and the tone has been stabilised, so it’s full of gags and very playful. Jesus has been secured as a recurring character with a major influence in the story. Arc Tubu Orun has been completed.  The publishing studio will be announced in a special issue that acts as a bridge to the continuation. The issue will come out very soon.
It’ll also be a downloadable issue in English and French.

So, that was all we could get.

We can’t for the new release and who the new colorist is. If you do know what we don’t know about all the OP buzz please leave us a comment below 😉

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Orisha Pikin: The Return of Jesus
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