The Nubiamancy Studios Campaign and How to Donate

Since April 2013, an online social media platform called Nubiamancy has been sharing content that features black/African people in science-fictional, fantasy, and horror settings; on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and as of recently, YouTube. This was started by myself, Asante Massawa, in order to a) help normalize seeing people of African descent in entertainment genres that underrepresent us,

b) promote fantasy art/comics/films/animation/novels/photography that features people of African descent, and

c) inspire creators to create more content in those veins.


After four years of posting over 10,000 images and videos, and after receiving thousands of comments and messages clamouring to see those works in live-action films, Nubiamancy is now embarking on a mission to turn the social media platform into a film studio. But we need your help. 🙂

The goal is to become a film studio that creates short films based on some of the content displayed on the pages. We will be contacting many artists, writers, and photographers in our back catalogue of shared works in order to bring many of the great pieces of art alive in high quality, but cost efficient, short films. The long term goal is eventually to transition into full-length feature films, but starting small is the way to go for now.

Funding is an integral part of any creative venture, and film is no different. The money being asked for is basically start-up capital to get the ball rolling, to pay for the rental of film equipment and insurance on it, and the many other factors that are required to make great films: actors, directors, pre and post-production staff, shooting locations, etc.

Unfortunately, we have no perks or gifts to offer if you choose to give, so this is a campaign that is purely based on asking for donations from Nubiamancy’s many supporters, who want to see these works transition from just a piece of art on a screen to actual, moving pictures in a film. Be sure to watch the video above to see some of the images that Nubiamancy would love to put onscreen.

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If you believe in this vision, please donate. If you cannot donate at this time, no worries. Just share this capmpaign link on your social media accounts and you will still be doing Nubiamancy a great favour.

How to Donate

You can donate any amount with your bank card and it won’t take more than 4 minutes or less…


Sign in with your Facebook account or Simply signup/Sign if you already have a Gofundme account

Enter the amount you’d like to donate

nubiamancy donate

Fill in the rest of your details and click on Next

That’s all. Easy Peasy!

Go Donate.

If you have any questions leave them in the comment box below

Nubiamancy is on Facebook and Instagram… by they share cool stuffs.


Thank you for your time. 🙂

A. Massawa


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