Why Industry Night For the Creative Arts Industry was Postponed In April

March met with some creative somebodies in the Nigerian Comic Space to discuss comics, films and animation. The event was awesome. In fact, most of the discussions had at the meetup has never taken place in other events and meetups we’ve attended, right Sam?

Sam: Yup! However, the turn up was not massive because it’s the first edition of the event and the chances of getting free food was slim.

For those of us who don’t know, Industry night is aimed at connecting creative content and comicbook creators with geeks, fans and industry giants in Nigerian creative space. The Free event was earlier mentioned to take place monthly, featuring activities such as Comic Pitch, Creator’s spotlight and of course gaming, animations and no Jollof Rice.

Industry Night for the month of March is happened on the 31st of March, 2017 at the Nigerian Film Corporation, beside Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Obalende.

The event hit a lot of issues on the head and a few solutions were suggested. Before we closed, the organisers threw an open question which was whether the event should take place monthly or quarterly. There were answers for both options with reasons, but in the end, most of the votes went to “keeping the meeting regular” for now to carry everyone along – Monthly. We agreed on that till a recent update by the admins…

The Industry night is postponed for now and the event might not take place monthly due to costs of organizing it. The organizers are not buoyant at the moment and they are looking at getting sponsorship or cancelling it.

If you stopped by at the event in march you wouldn’t suggest a cancellation of the event. It was epic!

No one has said a thing since then and it seems the event might be cancelled after all.

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