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Applications are often updated. right? Okadabooks app has a new update, right! and just like any other app with an update, there’s always something new in the Application or it’s component(s) right? right.

In its updates, Okadabooks app usually focuses on:
– Improved UI
– New Startup Image
– Implemented design for tablets
– Fixed bugs and issues
– Optimized push notification for android 5.0+
– Changed login functionality to use username
– Fixed books ordering in “My Books” screen.
The recent updates also comes with the App reset feature which resets the app, obviously. The App reset feature deletes the books you’re reading (you can simply re-download them from “My Books” for free, you already purchased them), clears your cache and your preferences. The App reset function technically formats the app to fix any errors encountered. Okay, get the latest version for your device here

Deleting A Book On Okadabooks
Download Okadabooks Version 2 Here
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