Download Okadabooks Version 2 Here

Wait! You could get the latest version(s) HERE

If you used the Okadabooks app in 2013/2014 then you’d remember the version 2 of the app that had a lot of simple features and worked pretty well on small Android devices and Os. Now, this version of the app is still functional but its outdated… So, be warned.

Some of the recent features are not in the version 2 i.e The Credit card refill and other features. Now, what makes the version 2 great is that it works on small devices – low end Android devices, including gingerbread. So, get it – Downlod V.2.2.3 (12/7/2014) Iam Magnus apk 
Download Okadabooks Latest Version Here
How To Read Books Offline On Okadabooks
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