Critical Breakdown: Beatz – #1

Spoilers ahead

Title: Beatz #1

Release Date: March 2017

Formats: Hardcopy, PDF, CBR, CR-Reader

Publisher: Comic Republic

Creator: Jide Martin

Writer: Akintoba Kalejaye

Pencils: Adeleye Yussuf

Colorist & Letterer: Michael Balogun

Guest Appearances: –

Honorable Mentions: –


Beatz is set in a Futuristic Lagos where noise is a normal thing for most of it’s residents and everyone is minding their business as usual, except for superheroes. The buildings are taller and yes, there is canned Zobo – Let that sink in for a moment.

The Comicbook projects the life of Sose, a young man with a special ability – Synesthesia, the ability to see sound vibrations as colours. With the help of his suit, he could manipulate sound frequency (in decibels) to stun enemies, move at great speed and of course shoot sound vibrations from his gloves. With these, he was able to rescue a little girl from bad guys in an alley, one morning.

He doesn’t yap much.

“I don’t like heroes… A Hero takes the power of the people to save themselves. Me? I don’t want to help anyone. I don’t try to help anyone.”

He’s not really a bad guy. In fact, if you go through beatz, it’s easy to spot the bad guys but the character sounds stubborn and propelled by his hate for violence. Heroes are propelled by hate for violence right?

Sam: No, Heroes are propelled by their hate for Injustice.

Oh… Okay.

Beatz was released around the time #ComicConnectAfrica happened at the freedom park in Lagos and there were even hardcopies of the comicbook at the event – They sold out 🙂

The story makes sense and is about to make a lot more sense as we get a flashback to Sose’s past before this issue ended. I kept wondering if the Character is DJ Sose himself or a fan turned superhero because his name is Sose (As he is called by his doctor) and he has the same tattoo as the Real DJ Sose on his right cheek. Let’s not forget he listens to sounds… Anyways the colours and lettering still went the comic republic way and i could swear someone was unable tell if the images were 2D or 3D… #sighs

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This first issue ended with a quick throwback at how Sose got his powers before hitting the last few panels. I cannot wait to share the next issue with you. Get Beatz from the Comic Republic Website by clicking here.

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