Industry Night: A Social Hangout for the Creative Arts Industry

What a beautiful time to be alive. Wait a minute, for some obvious economic reasons it is not, really. But in the Creative Arts Industry, it is. We are at the time when our “creative somebodys” have the power to make tomorrow’s history and shape the industry as a whole. A lot of creative people are already doing that – making history!

I’m literally screaming in excitement. It’s not normal; I know.

The Founder of Spoof Animations and Lagos Comic Con, Ayodele Elegba recently made an announcement on his Facebook page and we’re excited about it.

There will be an Industry Night for the Creative Arts Industry from the 31st of March and yes! Admission is FREE. From his post (below) it was obvious the plan was being implememnted all the while and we did not know it.

“Hurrah! We now have our own industry night.

Yes, finally I get to make the announcement after waiting so long. I actually had a long epistle I wanted to write explaining why we need this monthly event at this “critical stage of our industry but I decided to save it for this first of its kind monthly social connect where we can all come say our minds, watch some films and critic some new acts and off course small chops to eat.

We also have a special surprise guest this month.

I will reveal more in time. So what do you think about this? Post your comments below and what you would like to see come 31st of March.” Ayodele shared.

I wonder who the special surprise guest is. :/

Industry night is aimed at connecting creative content and comicbook creators with geeks, fans and industry giants in Nigerian creative space. The Free event was mentioned to take place monthly, featuring activities such as Comic Pitch, Creator’s spotlight and of course gaming and animations. We’re yet to confirm if there will be Jollof Rice from the organizers – Please na!

Industry Night for the month of March is happening on the 31st of March, 2017 at the Nigerian Film Corporation, beside Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Obalende. If you’re hearing about this location for the first time, get to Obalende then look for a Keke Napep going to Nigeria Film Corporation or Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation or Call 08131978457, 08039657506 (before the event date) for enquiries and sponsorship as well.

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The event starts by 4pm and Admission is Free.

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