See Orisha Pikin #4: Miss Koi Koi Teaser Poster

I really don’t know what to say again. Orisha Pikin keeps getting better and better. This is one carefully prepared story that started off with a pilot issue #0. Somehow it became a comicbook we all look up to roll out a new issue each month since it’s first issue. Sam already testified to it. The comicbook was so pure, it had Jesus in it – No pun intended.

Sango was arrested for the murder of Sannkofamaan and apprehended by the Zangbeto (Spirit Police) to Tubu Orun, an infamous prison for evil creatures where Miss Koi Koi is the boss. In the last issue of Orisha Pikin, We almost got a chance to meet the infamous Miss Koi Koi before the writers threw us back to (spoilers ahead……..) Sango and Oya’s backstory and it made a huge load of sense. Backstories – They help us understand the characters, their intents and how they’ve come so far to become who they are.

The publishers released this poster of Miss Koi Koi a few days ago. Yes! The Miss Koi

She looks really simple with a huge tired up hair and her right hand is all decorated with inscriptions? Her necklace is made up of a wooden key (That is no ordinary key) and she is clearly not sitting on a throne of mercy. She is not even smiling. What if she is related to Sango? :/

My entire childhood was riddled with this woman and how scary she is. The quote on the photo says it all.

Click here to read Orisha Pikin #3. Orisha Pikin #4 has been announced to show up in stores on the 8th of April 2018. You can subscribe to this blog for more updates on the comicbook and many more groundbreaking contents. Be Awesome!

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