Vincent Anomihe has Betrayed Us All

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Now, books! I am currently reading Betrayed by Vincent Anomihe and i tell you, i’m dying to finish this man’s story.

Betrayed is an amazing read that takes us on a long trip into the lives of men and women living in deceit. With selfish motives they ventured into evil; some with clean hands, others already stained. But in the end,  all get what serves them right.

Vincent Anomihe has Betrayed

Emmanuel failed himself and his loved ones by sleeping with Chinasa, a woman desperate to make her husband, Emmanuel’s boss, a father. She never knew that her childlessness was tied to her impotent husband who not only blamed her, but was out there with another woman, being deceived that he was the father of another man’s children.

Their decision didn’t affect them alone. Others behind the scene became clear in the picture as they showed up with one mission; to see how they can benefit from the game they as well had cards in.

The beauty of this story is how the different plots of deceits are interwoven. Nobody was spared the consequences,  but for a while it was fun watching them believe their secrets will never be found.

Except for an innocent Richard who became a victim of circumstances, you’ll see how a little lie, greed, desperation, pride and disloyalty turn men into beast and family members into enemies. But God showed him favor as justice smiled on him and his bright future began to shine again.

I love how with the lives of young men and women, some married and others not, yet all with a certain advantage over the other, Vincent is able to clearly show that no matter how ugly our condition is, we must never let it ruin our integrity, because what you will trade it for might just be a piece of rag looking like a silver linen. Get BETRAYED ON OKADABOOKS TODAY 

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Review by: Tessy Mordi. 

An upcoming writer mentally married to good books. A good entry into her heart is a book in hand and a good heart. When she’s not working, she’s reading or writing or playing, with passion.
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