[New Update] OkadaBooks App 3.1.0 With Instant Refill and iOS update

How time flies……. I made a 2015 yearbook of what i want to see happen on OkadaBooks last year  and i am really excited to be part of the progress we’re making at the OkadaBooks Garage. You can check out the yearbook HERE.
So for the past few weeks we’ve been talking OkadaBooks for ios and also ran a survey on it to know if users would like an iOS version and what they feel and want on the App. You know, stuffs like that… And the feedback we got was impressive. You can try out OkadaBooks App on your iOS by sending an email to ios@okadabooks.com to indicate your interest. The iOS version is in works at the moment but you can become a tester

That said, there’s a new release for the Android version of the app with huge changes, i tell you. Let’s talk about it.

Don’t wait! Refill Instantly

For a platform with over 100,000 users, there are hundreds of users excited about this right now. I mean, you literally get credited immediately you refill. This has been a headache to me, personally. If you work as Technical personnel/ Customer service for a company like OkadaBooks you’d understand what i’m saying. No more 5-10 mins to 24 hours delay and yes Etisalat is not the only airtime on the platform anymore. You can also refill instantly with MTN airtime. yay!!!

But, using a wrong airtime or entering incorrect pins could get you banned from the platform, airtime refillers – beware!

Recharge Card Instant refill Okadabooks

Yes! Bank Cards, again

The bank cards refill option has also been re-implemented on the App. We had that on a previous version and on the webapp also. You can now refill (Instantly) with your Bank cards within the Android App. You get to choose whether to refill in Naira or USD. If you’re outside Nigeria, use the latter.

Bank Card Instant refill Okadabooks
The features above are not the only features on the update. For example, the Profile page has been redesigned, the store loads faster and i didn’t have to re-download my books after update. Visit Okadabooks.com/app to download OkadaBooks App now

To receive notification of when okadabooks becomes available for IOS (Apple Ipad and Iphone) please send an email to ios@okadabooks.com

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