Raped in April

Poem by: Victoria Aderinto (Instagram: @ria_revolution)

I remember every repulsive moment.
Vermin-reeked basement,
Overdue laundry,
Spores over stale meals,
Manly cologne,
The taste of two lips;
ensued by slippery tongues.
Two lewd hands;
Large and coarse
Well vast in the knowledge of pleasure
And the linguistics of satisfaction.
Canvassing for freedom
Beneath silky wear,
Over velvet sheets.
His word against mine,
A bribed verdict.
Guilt, an everlasting burden
Weighed upon my shoulders,
Merged with memories
Ugly and stained
As the blood which ran
Down my groins,
Deserting its home
For strained sheets.
An ungrateful tenant
Unworthy of its stay.
Breathless gasps for air.
Spasms escaping broken lips.
Worlds torn apart between teary lids.
As one falls, the other rises
Within the boundaries of my belly
It’s a curse. It’s my bane.
Heart beats upon the drums at Heaven’s gate.
A prayer for death,
My final cry.
Dusk walks in,
I’ve been RAPED.

Book Review: Ben Okri's 'Starbook'
 "I am fascinated by crime documentaries and real-life stories" - Writer, Amaka Azie
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