“I am fascinated by crime documentaries and real-life stories” – Writer, Amaka Azie

Hey Guys, Susan here, again. I’ll be sharing an interesting chat with you today. A chat with Amaka Azie!

I just knew I had to have a chat with the creator of my favorite character, Adaora after reading Melodies of Love.

If you are curious  (like me) to find out how the lovely Amaka Azie who is a mother, avid reader, writer and doctor (yasss!),  gets inspiration for her books and also, which steamy story she’ll wow us with next then read on.

Q: We’re excited at this opportunity. Could you tell us a little about yourself, perhaps something many people do not know? 

Ans: I am fascinated by crime documentaries and real-life stories. I have watched almost all the documentaries on serial killers. I actually look forward to watching them. I get popcorn and wine and relax to a documentary about serial killers. My husband always teases me about it. “No wonder you are crazy,” he says.

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Q: Haha. We all need a bit of crazy. Where do you draw inspiration from? Or what has been the driving force for your storyline?

Ans: My driving force is the need to share the stories in my head, stories about love and romance in Africa. The media is always quick to showcase the negativity in Africa, war, illiteracy, poverty e.t.c. When I was younger, it was hard to find literature about the other beautiful aspect of the African continent. The Africa I experienced, which is rich in love, education, culture, and fun. I wanted to showcase that aspect in my novels. I use the daily experiences and challenges of most Nigerians/Africans, as inspiration. They give me ideas that I expand and turn into a story. 
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Q: So far, do you think the sales of e-copies of books complement the hard copies or affects them?

Ans: Of course, e-copies have taken over. I can’t blame anyone who would rather have a cheaper electronic copy of the same book than wait for a paper copy which would be more expensive. I prefer e-copies because I read a lot, and I’m always on the go. I love that I can carry a whole library with me on my tablet. Although, I do know people who would only read hard copies of books.  I believe e-copies have definitely affected the sales of hard copies, and there may be a time that authors won’t even bother doing hard copies anymore. There are some authors who have released only e-copies of their books, with no intention of releasing hard copies.

Q: We’re curious…What are you working on presently that readers should look out for?

Ans: I am currently working on a novel, “The Senator’s Daughter”, a romance fiction novel set in Abuja Nigeria. It’s about politics and romance with some intrigue too. I’m hoping it would be released early next year. 

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Q: Great! So, is there any question (s) you wish people asked you more?

Ans: What’s your account number? …hahaha…I’m only joking. I wish people ask “how can I help?” more in this world. Whenever something you feel is unacceptable gets your attention, think, “how can I help?” in a way to try and promote change.
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Q: Lol… Well, if you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Ans: Never Give Up.

Q: Finally, Amaka, how can we find you online?
Ans: You can connect with me and my works on:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmakaAzie

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AmakaAzieFacebook

Okadabooks: http://bit.ly/AmakaAzieOkadabooks

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Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/amakaazie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmakaAzie


We appreciate you Amaka, for making this chat session possible. And we patiently await The Senator’s Daughter! And hey, you. Yes, you reading this. Which of Amaka Azie’s books have you read? ? None? You can follow the links above to purchase Melodies of Love, Starting Over Again or Thorns and Roses. 


Do share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment. Muchas Gracias!😁

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