Orisha Pikin and the Future of African Comics

It has been a great year! Sam and i have accomplished so many things together. We’ll share from here.
However, School took most of our time – No waste, still.

So we’ve been reading so many comicbooks since we were on holiday in July. A lot of things happened in between then and now. Some of the comicbooks we read had terrible lines while some were really humorous but short.

Sam: Really short ?

But we appreciate the creative minds behind them – They’ll get better anyways. Then there’s the really hot comicbooks. In fact, some stories were so hot, we had to put them in the fridge and take a pictures of them – I lost my phone awhile back.

Now one of the great stories that made 2016 is Orisha Pikin.

So the guys at Vortex Inc. rolled this comicbook out sometime in October and at first we thought they were going to just come with a pilot issue, then return weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks later…

Sam: …like they did to Agb…

Don’t say it buddy! Don’t do it!

Orisha Pikin is the newest title by Vortex Inc. It was created and written by Kiyindou Mayinguidi Archange Marie – Michel. The lines by Nsatoukazi Deo Gracias while Charles Oma Betow coloured. We are so excited to be talking about Orisha Pikin.

The first two issues revolved around Shango (the god of thunder) in his hustle to win against the god of purity, Obatala. Along the way, we saw more characters that shows Orisha Pikin is not just about those two. It looks patiently cooked with so much details in it. Other characters includes Eshu, Oya, Orunmila, Ekwuensu and Ala from the Igbo mythology and many more. Orisha Pikin is really huge. You’d have to experience the universe yourself to understand what we mean.

“While gods are often depicted as captivating, well-sculpted
jewels of perfection whose exploits are nothing short of epic sagas, Orisha
Pikin awesomely deviates” – Squid Mag

Orisha Pikin Kaboom.com.ng

Orisha pikin is a patiently crafted and silly comicbook that re-imagines these African gods, especially the Orishas from the Yoruba mythology as Children. Although it all sounds childish, each panel is a big step towards another life lesson for everyone, including adults.
Orisha Pikin Kaboom.com.ng

The characters are so properly crafted that they shy away from the ways we know and depict them in other comics or stories. Sam was full of smiles after reading the first Issue and he pointed this out as well

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Sam: …yeah. It’s really nice reading about Shango, Obatala and Eshu differently. You know, when they are not all angry and spitting fire the way we’d normally see them on TV.

I agree. I think Sam was never a Shango fan because Shango “spits” fire. I won’t forget to mention that they also speak pidgin in Orisha Universe? The dialogues are frustratingly hilarious… The thing too funny. Now Sam is team Shango…

Sam: I really love the concept. I couldn’t finish it without thinking about the sexy OYA… or is it just me???

Sam is now team Shango, because of Oya? ?

It might all sound fashioned towards Children but adults will break down in laughter over the life and self inflicted misfortunes of some of the characters. But then Orisha Pikin is not spiced to be humorous alone. The lessons within it is something you don’t see everyday. Thanks to the creative minds behind it, somehow they put the troublemakers and the troubled in the same Universe for you to later discover that good and mischief can co-exist and life is what we make it ourselves.

With just two issues out (1 each month since October) Orisha Pikin has really gained public attention.

Sam: like that comicbook E.X.O and Strikeguard

I know right… They touched our lives… and the reviews for Orisha Pikin are all above average, positive comments as well. Somehow, Eshu retired Santa this Christmas. This was my Christmas favourite. I mean, Santa needs to take a break anyways

“Cartoons like this make me know African future is secure”
– Seun Anikulapo Kuti 

For those who would love to script for comicbooks, the creator and writer of Orisha Pikin released the scripts to Orisha Pikin (#0 and #1) shortly after they were published and you should really check them after reading this. I’ll leave the links below this post.

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We strongly believe the scripts will help a lot of people. I mean, when was the last time you saw the scripts to your favourite African comicbooks?

Sam: What do they look like?

The future is bright! I just wish other creators and writers will do the same. Kudos to those doing it or already did… I mean, there are scripts to most of your favourite movies out there. We need help! 

I and Sam were privileged to attend Comics and Coffee (we were on Holiday from School at the time) and it went well. … See a photo. We read a couple of comicbooks from Vortex Inc that day. 

Sam: We’ve actually read most of them before…

And we hung around for the Panel with Ayodele Elegba and his co-panelists. We’ll be talking about that and other African comicbooks we’ve read in the past soon.

Orisha Pikin #0 – Script
Orisha Pikin #1 – Script

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