Nigeria: A Youth’s Cry

A youth’s cry:
Nigeria what have you done!

You devaluated our currency
You devalued our life too
You imported more goods
And exported more youths
Oh! What have you done?

You said you’ll protect us
But sacrificed us to please them.
You said you’ll save our future
But you stole our dreams.
Lies! Lies! Lies!

The vision of our heroes
Ignited them to fight for our freedom,
But your greed propelled you to sell our hope for a better tomorrow.
Nigeria what have you done?!

We have a great mindset,
But you betrayed us to protect your present and the future of your children.
Nigeria why are you selfish?!

We are the voice of the nation, but our voices aren’t heared.
You ask why?
We are scared to die a death that will bring no glory.
Nigeria, What should we do?!

We spend years studying in school,
Buy you never trust our products,
Because you know that what you imparted in us
Are all outdated lies..
Nigeria why do you keep doing this?!

You’ll force us to fight for a dream,
A dream you talk like it’s for our benefit,
but only for you to assume the office and do as you please.
Nigeria what should we do?!

We cried for a great leader
But you gave us thieves and wolves who never gave us a chance to effect the change we desire.
Nigerian youths what shall we do??

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