Links to Author’s Book list

Soooooo! OkadaBooks clocked 100,000 users today. Yay!!!!!!

What other way would i celebrate that than keep up the good job of showing you cool tips and how to get your books listed on the platform for free.

I will assume you already have your books on OkadaBooks, Now here’s how to list all the books published by you or a particular author on OkadaBooks. This is important for those with Legoo!

Visit, search for the Author’s name (just like you search for a book) and press ENTER on your keyboard. See screenshot below

 The list of books by that author will be displayed on a new page. Copy this page’s URL and share it. That’s all…
You can shorten it and customize it the way you want with or any url shortener out there

Please note that there are share buttons below these books, individually. If you click on a book, the book’s description page will open up and you can share that book. But that is for individual books. For a list of the author’s books, follow the steps above
I wrote this tutorial in One take, rushfully. No edits. The Idea is to list all the books by a particular author, obtain the link to the list and share it with others for them to checkout the author’s books and purchase them. Go now, be Awesome!

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