I Walk With Shame

We have been friends
since time immemorial
Right from the days El-Sha-die
The day hell was dead-already

I could never have asked for a better companion
She keeps me entertained
Like the afrobeats of Professor Fela
She cooks with flair and
The aroma massages my Ego
Throwing up a facade
Shame jostles with my dignity
For space to erect a structure in my heart

I am a boy on the road to redemption
My life is a body-bag of shame
Thrown into confu-tion by Lawma
The grains of my life smiles in the coffin
Dropping a thousand naira in the offertory box
With the lyrics of freedom pondering my subconscious
Who will break my age-long relationship
With shame ?

Man know thyself was the word Socrates Muttered
I do not know myself,
In fact Shame knows me more
She is the driver who clings onto the steering
Like a Mother-hen would do
When she smells the presence of a hawk
She muster her arsenal and goes to war
A self-defeating war at that

I am no longer a slave to you
Miss shame, please embrace my new friends
Courage and Dignity as they pull down your structure of 20 years.
I am now a free boy

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