You have stolen my memories
From me
Memories that smile
And memories that hurts

We were BOYS in the hood
Sent on a mission to find
the scrotum
Of our forefathers,
while we stare at the
Flappy breast our our mothers

Bring back my memories
Of how our dreams were filled
And blown away like a balloon
And our tears soaked our eyes
Like the clothes we wear

Bring back the memories
Memories of when we were toddler
We were not porch monkeys
Not even victims
Nor Oppressors

Bring back my memories
Of how strong I am as a BoyChild
And how weak I can also be.

My tears are my properties
I will share them as my will
When the time comes
Everyone of you will receive
A large chunk.

I Walk With Shame
Aké Dairies; Day 3
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