Poets are creative and intelligent people. A male that write a poem is called a POET, while A female that writes poems is called a POETESS. They are not like the ordinary men walking on the streets, they envision that which cannot be seen. Life is hard but when a Poet grabs his Pen, life becomes easy.
They mostly draw their inspiration by using the power of imagination, portraits, and currents trends. Just looking at a bus can make them write a poem.

Most poets are readers, they don’t do what others do. They don’t sit and watch AIT or MTV all day. They know the value of time and they are not willing to trade that with mediocrity. They engage themselves in constant and creative thinking, by doing this, they break from the crowd mentality. That is doing what the society wants them to do.

What people who are not poets don’t know is that the finished Poems they read takes a lot of hardwork, editing and sometimes, total cancellation. They only see the glory and not the hassle involved in creating those Poems.

The basic is that if you cannot be a Poet, at least help your life by becoming a Poem.

Support a Poet, like a poem and share it.
If you decide to fall in love with a Poet, you are on your own, as most only create love poems out of imaginations.
Most poets in real life don’t fall in love, if they do, that should be with their Poems.

I Walk With Shame
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