How To Fix Data “Unavailable Error” On Okadabooks App

Whenever i tried to login to the app, it says “Data Unavailable.” My password was correct and my email was not dead. It didn’t even pop up “Dude, are you sheeting me, that is the wrong password.” 
it just kept on popping up “Data Unavailable.” Where did the data go?
This just happened to me and i almost drowned my phone because i have some books i’m reading on Okadabooks… And i haven’t finished them. And i don’t want to start again. And i don’t want to buy the book again because i bought them before. 

When you’ve got your phone stuffed up with files, folders and games, your phone runs slow due to some cache, history, cookies, saved data and probably some constantly multiplying virus in the phone. While some people use cache cleaners and antiviruses others prefer deleting some suspected apps, files or books (sounds funny but its true)

This tutorial will teach you how to not suspect OkadaBooks for your loss or delete some precious videos because your OkadaBooks App pops up “Data Unavailable” when you’re about to login. 
weather blackberry or Android, it is not the app’s fault and i’ll share some tips on how to fix it… for life.
Step 1: Restart your phone, make sure your connection is okay (not that poor network service in our room) and try again
Step 2: Free some space in your phone’s memory drive (card or storage) you could also consider removing or moving some files in the phone’s memory. (This is what happened to mine… Too many movies in the phone, they were even boring!) you could move those your large-sized downloaded files to a desktop, laptop, legtop or a friend’s phone. He’d be glad.
Step 4: Turn off your phone
Step 5: Turn it back on
It should work now. I freed 1.5 gb from my 8gb memory card and i think i still have 1gb free on my 4gb phone’s memory. If problem persists, check if your antivirus is not keeping the app hostage in its “blocked apps” or quarantine folder… wait, problems can’t persist….and you could still drown the phone and buy a new Android or Blackberry that runs Android apps.
Okadabooks' Quick Tips To Fix App Errors
Get Okadabooks Publishing And App Manual Here
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