Book Club Members! Stop Doing These 4 Annoying Things

Book clubs can be unifying, and all shades of awesome. However, there are some destructive patterns that need to be addressed and put to an end – members moving mad, going MIA or not reading the book of the month EVERY month. These things can pretty much bring any book club to an unceremonious close.

So, without mincing words, here are 4 annoying things you should stop doing (if you do) as a book club member.

Scrolling Through Instagram/Texting (Throughout)

No, your last post hasn’t garnered 5,000 likes yet, and that WhatsApp message can definitely wait. Get off your phone! Why bother attending meetings if you are going to spend every second checking notifications, scrolling through your social media feeds or chatting? (And I don’t mean when you have to read from your phone). Fulfilling discussions go two-way, no? If you are an elderly person, and you feel nobody can check you, well, what a shame.

Steering Discussions to Non-related Topics

Avoid the urge to defy the major reason why everyone is gathered – to discuss books because you all think they’re the best thing after food. Ranting about your mean boss, your ex, politics or your neighbour’s dogs who disrupt your sleep at night with their barks is a big NO. I mean, it’s a book club, not an Agony Aunt Anna session.

Direspecting Other Members

Nobody is suggesting that you should swallow your opinions or cower in a corner. Just try to be a decent human being while at it. Be nice and courteous! Book clubs should be accommodating and fun. So, respect everyone and sort out personality clashes amicably. You’ll scare potential members away and get a negative rep if meetings always seem like a warzone.

Misleading Prospects

All your uploaded pictures on Instagram show a bunch of smiling people holding books. Great. But do you guys actually read and discuss those books or they’re for decoration? You never know, prospective members might be watching, and it’ll be nice to discover your club really lives up to expectations. Nobody wants to wonder if they’re in the right place at their first meeting.

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Take ye heed o bookclubbers!

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