7 Great Movies about Books You Should See for a Change

Dear book lover, there are actually MOVIES about books out there (in the real world, lol). I get it, the feel of your fingers flipping through a new book or eyes dancing from line-to-line on a screen is priceless. What better definition of book-warmish bliss? Books have that much power, yes, yes. While there is an endless debate on books vs movies, you could give bookish movies a try.

Below are some movies about books, adaptations, or authors. Let’s get to the list already.

1. Book Club (2018)

7 Movies About Books You Should See for a Change

IMDB Rating: 6.1/10

Genre: romantic-comedy

The plot revolves around four friends (women) who belong to a monthly book club. Apparently, they’ve been having book club readings for 30 years without any extraordinary occurence. Everything changes one day when they decide to read the Fifty Shades Trilogy written by E.L. James. In the process of reading the series, each of the ladies experience some sort of wake up call. They proceed to take hints from the book to spice up their suffering romance lives.

The movie stars Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen.

P.S: Turns out a sequel to Book Club will be released anytime soon.


2. The Bookshop (2017)

7 Movies About Books You Should See for a Change


IMDB Rating; 6.4/10

Genre: drama


“England, 1959. Free-spirited widow Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) risks everything to open a bookshop in a conservative East Anglian coastal town. While bringing about a surprising cultural awakening through works by Ray Bradbury and Vladimir Nabokov, she earns the polite but ruthless opposition of a local grand dame (Patricia Clarkson) and the support and affection of a reclusive book loving widower (Bill Nighy). As Florence’s obstacles amass and bear suspicious signs of a local power struggle, she is forced to ask: is there a place for a bookshop in a town that may not want one?” – Rotten Tomato

The Bookshop” is based on a novel with the same title written by Penelope Fitzgerald and directed by Isabel Coixet. This definitely falls into the :movies about books’ category.


3. Becoming Jane (2007)

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and SensibiltyEmma, a real Jane Austen fan has checked all these books off mentally.

Becoming Jane, is the story of the great, untold romance that inspired a young Jane Austen, played by Anne Hathaway. Willful and spirited, Jane is not ready to be tied down to anything but her writing. That is until she meets Tom Lefro, a charming rogue from London who spends more time drinking and socializing than on his law studies. The film also stars Julie Walters, James Cromwell and Maggie Smith. It is written by Sarah Williams and Kevin Hood, and directed by Julian Jarrold.” – Rotten Tomatoes

4. Bookish (2016)

Movies About Books You Should See for a change

IMDB Rating: none found, yet. Hey, you could be the first to leave one.

“Kevin has trouble talking to girls and spends all his time reading books, but when he comes across Ali in Coffee shop and subsequently keeps running into her, the characters in the books he is reading show up in the real world to help give him advice to get the girl.”

Story line sound familiar? LOL.


5. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

The title is quite a mouthful, I know, but wait till you actually see it.

Movies About Books You Should See for a Change

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is both a romantic and historical film directed by Mike Newell. The movie is based on a novel written by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrowsin 2008. Stars include: Lily JamesMichiel HuismanGlen PowellJessica Brown FindlayKatherine ParkinsonMatthew GoodeTom Courtenay and Penelope Wilton. Set in the year 1946, the plot follows a London-based writer who decides to document the experiences and stories of residents on the island of Guernsey during World War II.

A bit of history won’t hurt, will it?



6. The Book Thief (2013)

IMDB Rating: 7.6/10

Genre: war drama

Nothing can stop a die-hard book lover from reading, not even war.

“Based on the beloved international bestselling book, The Book Thief tells the story of an extraordinary, spirited young girl sent to live with a foster family in WWII Germany. Intrigued by the only book she brought with her, she begins collecting books as she finds them. With the help of her new parents and a secret guest under the stairs, she learns to read and creates a magical world that inspires them all.” – Rotten Tomatoes

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7. The Dead Poet’s Society (1989)

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

Genre: drama

Let your mind be at rest, for it is not about dead poets per se. If you’re interested in poetry and unconventional ways of life, then this 30 year-oldie might pique your interest.

“In 1959, the Welton Academy is a staid but well-respected prep school where education is a pragmatic and rather dull affair. Several of the students, however, have their thoughts on the learning process (and life itself) changed when a new teacher comes to the school. John Keating (Williams) is an unconventional educator who tears chapters of his textbooks and asks his students to stand on their desks to see the world from a new angle. Keating introduces his students to poetry, and his free-thinking attitude and the liberating philosophies of the authors he introduces to his class have a profound effect on his students, especially Todd (Ethan Hawke), who would like to be a writer; Neil (Robert Sean Leonard), who dreams of being an actor, despite the objections of his father; Knox (Josh Charles), a hopeless romantic; Steven (Allelon Ruggiero), an intellectual who learns to use his heart as well as his head; Charlie (Gale Hansen), who begins to lose his blasé attitude; unconventional Gerard (James Waterston); and practical Richard (Dylan Kussman). Keating urges his students to seize the day and live their lives boldly; but when this philosophy leads to an unexpected tragedy, headmaster Mr. Nolan (Norman Lloyd) fires Keating, and his students leap to his defense. Dead Poets Society was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Williams; it won one, for Tom Schulman’s original screenplay.”- Rotten Tomatoes


Well, which one of these movies about books have you seen? Which will you be adding to your ‘binge-watch’ list? More importantly, suggest list-worthy bookish movies.

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