Which Book Club Should You Join? Here Are 9 Suggestions

Fine, you love reading. You’re interested in joining a book club, but don’t know which?  No worries, it’s great to rub minds with likeminded individuals every once in a while. In no particular order, here are 9 book club suggestions for you!

Please click on the name of each book club for information on how to join, contact details and more


  1. Ònkàwé Book Club Ibadan: Omo Yoruba, you already know what the name means right? Haha… If you live in Ibadan or happen to visit sometime, this book club is perfect for you.
  2. Mixsie Book Club: A brainchild of Mixsie Fun Books itself. Though they’re new, you can still be a part of the family.
  3. Book Hangout: I don’t know about you, but it sounds like fun!
  4. The Read Club: Now, this is an online book club, so you can be a part of it through a few clicks on your device. But they do have physical meetings too.
  5. Bookaholics Book Club: There are workaholics, so why not bookaholics? If you really are a sucker for good books, go join them.
  6. Medina Book Club: The joys of reading know no bounds. This book club has great activities and programmes to pique your bookworm-ish interest. Lol.
  7. The Port Harcourt Book Club: To you book enthusiasts in PH city, check them out. You’ll love them, promise.
  8. The Book Club, Lagos: Specially created for book lovers like you and I, with regular meetups and monthly reading.
  9. The Sunshine Book Club: A platform for book lovers, creative minds, writers and publishers to meet, share their thoughts, and enjoy reading as an art.

For more information about any of these book clubs and how to reach them, click here https://bookclubs.com.ng/listing/bookclubs/

Trust me, they are all unique, but you’ve got to choose one. And… guess what all they all have in common…

No idea?

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FOOD (lots of yummy goodness, lol.) and FREE membership! Lol.

You and your bookshelf  (if you have one), will be happy with any book club you decide to join. Why? More books, more friends, more fun!

So, which one will you be joining or do you already belong to?

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