You Only Live Once

You only live once, yeah? Why not make this period the best of your life?
Here are my thoughts on things you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to do and live your life to the fullest.


Buying a Cake (and eating one):

Hell no! Do not steal and put the blame on me, but do eat cake if you feel like, even if you’re not celebrating anything. After all, it’s someone’s birthday, wedding, or whatever somewhere.😁 Don’t deprive yourself of so much tasty goodness.😉 Do eat responsibly though. We don’t want you getting fat and shapeless now, do we? If you’re watching your weight call me, I’ll help you eat the cake. My weight has watched me for too long.😂



No matter what you may think, prayer is a very powerful tool. You shouldn’t wait till:
December 31st vigil, when you’re scared of not living to see the New Year. January 1st when you’re thankful for ‘living to see a new year’ and making new resolutions. Birthdays, so that God will ‘grant you more years’. Sundays when you’re ‘ in the Spirit’. Times when you’re in trouble or facing challenges. Pray, because it’s a way of communicating with your Father who loves you abundantly and unconditionally. Imagine waiting till only Sundays to talk to someone who lives in the same house as you do?😕 That’s a serious case of silent treatment, when all the person wants to do is embrace you. Still, He won’t force you if you feel you’re fine all by yourself.✌


Eating Good Food:

if you can afford it, I see no reason why you should wait till Sunday or festive periods to show your stomach some delicious loving. I’m not talking junk here (those things kill slowly man), I mean well-cooked food in all it’s awesomeness. Also, if you’re offered good food, don’t be shy, or ‘form’ like some people (especially females) do, eat and live healthy. Pray on that yummy stuff and eat away abeg, and no, I don’t mean gluttony.

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I can’t shout too much on this one. Look for topics/genres that interest you and read. Don’t wait till you’ve got exam to read the same old textbooks at school or wherever. Download audio books, ebooks, buy books, borrow from libraries, lend from a friend who reads wide, etc. Cultivating a reading habit is a long term investment. So, look for a good 📖 and read. Great people who live their life to the fullest, read.


“Reading seriously damages your ignorance.”


Looking Good:

I asked a friend what girls do that he doesn’t like and he said most of them only remember to look good when they’re about going out or taking pictures. Let me quickly say that it applies to both s3xes; some people just feel ugh, why should I bother to comb my hair, change this jeans or make my lips pop a little, who is even looking at me? Let’s face it, we feel good when we look good. I don’t mean made-up-doll-face or kill-all-the-ladies-with-my-swag kind of look good, I mean put in some effort to your appearance. Not necessarily for anyone or occasion, but for yourself. You’re a king/queen, plus you never know what can happen/who you might meet in the store/street nearby. It doesn’t mean you should empty your account to chase after trends, they come and go. Just be you, a good-looking you and oh…to complete your look, accessorize with a smile, a genuine smile (trust me, it’s inexpensive).☺

Helping People:

‘help’ this is a word people are wary of in Nigeria and even the world at large, due to frauds and unpleasant stories and experiences. Still, if you can help, help. More so, those you know can’t repay you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money, give as the situation calls for, and be discerning to recognise genuineness. Don’t wait till special fundraising events in church or social gatherings to offer help to your fellow human being or even an animal. Don’t wait till your birthday to visit orphanages, prisons, hospitals, slums, etc to help and display your ‘goodness’ on social media, when people in your immediate surroundings need help. Yes, there’s so much suffering, pain, abuse, sickness, poverty, evil, injustice, death, wickedness, helplessness and despair in this world and you can’t end it all, but you can be a ray of sunshine on the earth no matter how weak your ray may seem, it’s still a ray and will warm someone’s heart. Howfar that dress or shoe that’s been in your wardrobe for…how long? Give it out already. There are people whose definition of wardrobe are the only clothes on their backs.A good meal can gladden a child/family’s heart and earn you generational blessings. Don’t wait till festive seasons to show ‘love’ check your house (kitchen, store, wardrobe, etc) your heart, your life and your account if need be. What can you do to help someone or people without expectancy? Live a life of impact.

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Having Fun:

dancing? a song has been playing in my head: Katy Perry ‘Chained to The Rhythm ‘🎶 No matter what you’re going through, turn the music up, keep it on repeat and dance away! Singing? Beach? Movies? Laughter? (Who said only Fridays are cool?) Heck, get some people to join in the fun. Even if you suck at dancing like me, just move that body and be happy and grateful for legs to dance my dear. Y.O.L.O remember? Enjoy the little things, live don’t just exist.


Bottom line: enjoy today and make the most out of it not just for you, but others as well. Don’t wait for party dem dem to live life and add value. I need to play some good music right now, but before I go, what do you think should be on the list? 

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