by Victoria Aderinto
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Unlearning things this new year?”Black is beautiful” should be one of them. It sounds like a pitiful statement to me, something you’d say to a race because they’ve been discriminated ( and still are).

“Black is beautiful” is what I tell my daughter so she doesn’t feel bad about her skin. “Black is beautiful” is what I tell my son so he doesn’t feel bad about his ego and feeds it till it becomes a rude guy on the block who cares about himself only. “Black is beautiful” is a consolation prize for a competition that never existed.

“Black is beautiful” is a racial statement made to cover up the word “racism”; It’s what a white man would sympathetically say to an African to showcase his goodwill (even to himself). When a white lady tells you “Oh! your black is beautiful!” in front of a mirror she means “Oh your black isn’t as bad as it looks”.

When an Asian tells you ” your black is beautiful”, he means to say “We have blacks over here but they are black Asians which is much preferred and classy than the African black”. When an African-American yells “Black is beautiful!” don’t think for a minute that they are referring to themselves. Instead, they are letting you know that your black is different from their black because you are “just” an African while they are “African-American”.

These days it’s become awfully hard to accept compliments about my skin without feeling the sting that it’s attached to my being African rather than a good old-fashioned compliment from the heart.

When an African says “Black is beautiful” it’s a slogan to justify their actions, comfort their sufferings and play the “racial blame game”.
“Are you saying black people aren’t beautiful?”
“Hell no!”
Being black or African doesn’t make you beautiful. You are NOT beautiful BECAUSE you’re BLACK, you’re beautiful because YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. No strings attached, no race concerned, no colour involved!You’re plain beautiful.
I am strong,
I am black,
And I am a woman
But that doesn’t make me a Strong Black woman.

Let’s unlearn the cliché “Black is Beautiful” and embrace “You are Beautiful”.

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