The Suprise S3x



Let me break the silence
Let me tell the the world
The beast you are;
I covered up your flaws hoping
you’ll become human,
but you choose to
remain a monster.

The marital r@pe

It was a cool evening night.
I had done the house chores
And made a perfect meal for my husband.
He came home, met his dish and was happy.
I thought I could have the perfect night I desired, because I was so tired.
As such I retire early to bed…
He came up to me demanding that he was hungry and needed what is his marital right. I calmly explained to him how tired I am, but promised to fix him up in the morning.
He looked at me like I just said the abominable. Without reasons to my excuse he pushed himself on me and forcefully had his way, I couldn’t scream, for the neighbours and government will only rule in his favor.
I kept still and let him have his way
Even when I know I was not enjoying any pleasure he seems to give but torture.
It was useless fighting a battle I knew I already lost even before it started.

To my surprise, he was apologetic the next morning.
But the next night, he repeated it again.


I’m ten years old,
friendly and obedient.
You called me in
to ask me a favour,
I did because I was taught
to be respectful…
Even when your lustful eyes
lurked around my body
Like I’m a prey in a hunters
I still thought you’re a good soul.
When your huge body covered mine…
I tried to scream,
but your large hands
could not let it out..

She was supposed to bathe me and take me to my room.
My parents were on one of their business trips outside the state and I was left in the care of our lovely elegant house maid.
But some many thoughts resonated
in my little heart when she pulled off her clothes and lay on me.
It was minutes of ravishing torture,
but I was so helpless to do anything..
It’s foolish to shout because no one will come anyways.
She said not to tell my parents
else I won’t see her again,
and I don’t want to miss my favourite person!
I heard my name;
It’s from her room.
She’s 25 and am 11
I went almost immediately,
and she locked the door the moment I step in she went back to her bed and took off the robe she wore.
With a command like that of a military general asked me to undress.
I tried to protest, but got a slap so hard on my face, and a threat to never tell anyone thereafter.

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