Lucia came down from the taxi, she handed the dark man her charge rate and began her walk to her residence. Her residence was a bungalow settled in a sunny town where fun activities almost never happened. The house was cheap though, so it was a nice place to stay.

It was 4pm at the time, and the weather was bright. The sun perched at her left, showing its dying glow with much vibrance. Nothing could go wrong, she thought.

As she approached her door, she considered the possibility of calling Frank and Jane. Perhaps they had love to have a sunbath at eagle-eyes. Actually, as she pondered on it, it felt more right to actualize.

Grabbing her phone from her black purse, Lucia made to dial Frank’s number. This was before she caught the glimpse of her home through an open slit at the door frame. “What da heck? Did I forget to luck? No way.”

Her heart galloped hard against her ribcage. She pondered on calling the cops. It felt like the right thing to do but if there were nothing to worry about, then she might be enlisted as a prank caller and may have to pay for damages.

“what is the problem?” said a voice behind her.

Lucia skipped forward and landed at the entrance to her home screaming.

“are you okay lady?” said the voice again.

She peered at the source; it was her cab driver standing in his full length. His biceps out in display and he did little to conceal it. He looked concern though, Lucia noticed.

“I am okay, why haven’t you left yet?” she said rising to her feet.

“You look perturbed and in all honesty, I was expecting you to call me in.” he said with a wink.

Lucia nodded, a subtle smile expressed on her fizzog. Her head kept nodding till it became quite embarrassing. Recognising this did not make things easy for her. She was already embarrassed for revealing her fears in the most unbecoming way. With this inclusive, and the reality of what he meant made it all worse. “um I am okay now and… I have a lot to do so… Maybe next time?”

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The driver nodded, “you are sure there is no reason for alarm?”


“Okay, see you soon.”

“more like never.” Lucia muttered to herself. She quickly shoved the door close and slid the lock on.

However, amidst all these she did not notice the hooded figure at her staircase taking in all her actions. “I am just gonna have a nice rest and scare myself to death with chuky.” she said.



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