The Rise and Fall of Emperor Ribuha

A long time ago in the land of Erianig, there lived an emperor known for his unethical approach to matters. His name was Emperor Ribuha. He disliked men and women of great intellect that he had to surround himself with clouts like himself. He hated criticism like flies hate repellents. His reign among the people of Erianig was draconian. If you’re not for him, you become his enemy immediately without any form of contemplation. He cares about nobody except himself. As long as his decisions satisfies him, he does not give a hoot about his subjects. Every move and actions are for his personal aggrandizement and nothing bothers him as per the welfare of his subjects.

Few years on the throne of Erianig left the land in shambles. The farm lands were almost going naked and bare. There was hunger and incessant protest in the land. The money of the land became worthless in the market place and this and many more led to recurring protests and killings on every region of the land. The North is suffering, the South is boiling, the East is burning and the West is regurgitating evil deeds of the past. The land is in a state of sixes and sevens. The land is falling apart as representative of each region in the North and other places are demanding for equal opportunity.

In the midst of all this subjugation of his subjects with hunger and hardship, there arose a man so fearless and eloquent. A man who commands great respect among his people. A man who has vast knowledge about his people and how they were maltreated in the past. A man who despises nepotism and corruption. This man who is fondly called Unak became a formidable household name. His popularity among the people, both old and young, angered the emperor who declared him wanted to be tried with other criminals and possibly hanged too. He said his actions were inciting the good people of Erianig to stand up against him in a bid to dethrone him. Come to think of it, who would prefer to wear the garment of suffering in place of peace of mind.

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The people were against the sudden move of emperor Ribuha. Unak, should be given an option of possible discussion with the emperor in order to curry some forgiveness. This option would not be given, but a draconian judgment was being prepared to nail him with series of fabricated or rather trump up charges. Human rights are a non-existent word in the lexicon of this draconian emperor. He would go any length to address issues not in his favour not because he seeks to correct them, but to gag whosoever that’s trying to undermine his capacity as an emperor. I believe there should be a place for freedom of speech which empowers the people of Erianig to air their views on governance as it affects them, whether positively or negatively. This has become a challenge and it seems to be the necklace hanging on the neck of Unak who remained resolute that victory is sure to come.

‘My life is not my own anymore, but for the freedom of the people who I believe need a better life possibly not in this Erianig, but in a better society where egalitarianism is practiced squarely and not nepotism which is very common like the cooking salt in Erianig,’ Unak said.

Fifteen days in captivity became a life changing experience that globalized the fight of freedom that Unak believed in. The land of Erianig has never remained the same as other bigger empires started questioning the reason behind the ill treatment of Unak. Tribain, a sophisticated empire, that believes in upholding the rights of individuals and collective submissions too. Sruias will also weigh in on the government of Erianig asking for a round table discussion with Unak and his people to determine whether they still believe in the ideology of Erianig. This will further suggest whether they want to still be part of Erianig or become a nation of their own. This suggestion from Sruias to emperor Ribuha did not go down well as he said nobody should come and dictate to him how to run his kingdom.

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In what appeared to be the last warning, the kingdom of ASU sent some emissaries to emperor Ribuha urging him to free Unak and consider their request or face a collaborative fight against injustice in his government at Erianig. The message appeared peaceful but wore a garment of war looming. The visit was seen as irrelevant as the matters discussed were swept under the carpet and the psychological torture of Unak continued.

Few months after the arrest of Unak, the camp of emperor Ribuha, has been divided over the actions of the supreme head of Erianig as to what he did or is still doing. The dissidents believe that Unak should be listened to and are ready to fight for him. Agitations, upheavals, incessant protests, increased insecurity, displaced people rising, death everywhere across the land and so on. All these pointers are indications that the emperor’s days are numbered. His days as the emperor is gradually winding up to give way to the rising sun which heralds the morning because gross darkness and untold hardship is upon the land of Erianig.


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