Beautiful Poison

Beautiful Poison that's got you trapped once you've had a taste of it


Poison was beautiful, but she wasn’t good for me and I knew it.

I remember the first day I saw her. She looked so alluring that I couldn’t help but steal glances at her when my wife wasn’t looking. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife, but I wanted something new. I wanted to taste something different and this alluring mystery woman seemed to appeal to my newly found hunger.

Right there at the party, everyone wanted to touch her. To have a taste of her, and it made me feel uncomfortable. It increased the desire I had for her. So when my wife left me to retouch her makeup, I decided to seize the opportunity and shoot my shot.

I stood up from where I sat and started walking up to her. She saw me coming and dismissed the other men around her.  She had her eyes fixed on mine as I walked to where she was. They sparkled of seduction and mischief and I couldn’t wait to find out the plans she had for me.

“Hi,” I said and took the seat beside her. She said nothing but smiled at me slyly and I felt heat wash over my body. I licked my suddenly dry lips and continued.

“I’m Richard. What’s your name?”

She turned to face me fully and with that same sly smile, she said, “Call me Poison.”

I was taken aback by the absurdity of her name. She sure didn’t look like poison to me. Besides if she were, the men wouldn’t want her so badly.

“Well, that’s uh…It’s an unusual name,” I said and she shrugged.

We continued the chit-chat for what seemed like the eternity. I didn’t want the conversation to end because I was enjoying her company. But what I enjoyed most was the light caresses she gave my hands and thighs while we talked. Her touch sent heat all over my body and I knew I had fallen for her. She seemed taken with me too as she has all her attention on me. Her laugh was rich and sultry and I began to have immoral imaginations.

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At the back of my mind, I felt guilty for flirting with this woman when I had a wife. I mentally began to retrace my steps and Poison seemed to have noticed because she said,

“I know what you’re thinking and I understand your plight. But I like you too, and I’m drawn to your innocence.”

I didn’t understand what she meant by she was drawn to my innocence. I didn’t even know adults could be termed innocent. I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn’t find the words to say.  Swallowing hard, I tried again but before I could talk, she moved closer to me. Her face inches away from mine. Her breath was hot and eager.

My head was spinning wildly and I felt like I was floating. I waited for her to make the move but she didn’t. Her lips were glowing and her breath smelt of herbs. When I couldn’t resist the temptation anymore, I pulled her and drank in her sweetness. As soon as my lips touched hers, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven because nothing else mattered.

We parted for air and for the first time that night, I saw a side to her I never suspected she had. There was an evil gleam in her eyes and she smiled at me in a way that said, “I’ve got you good.”

While I was still trying to recover from the headiness of our kiss, she put her hand on my arm and in her sultry voice she said, “There’s more where that came from.” Like a lamb going to its slaughter, I nodded because I wanted more. Although my tongue and chest still burned from the kiss, it didn’t matter to me. So I pulled her closer to me than the first time and was about to kiss her again when I heard, “Richard.”

I knew that voice. It was my wife and she sounded hurt.



To be continued…

Olojukokoro- A Tale of One Pervert