The Real Love

I was standing outside your home
staring at the window.
The rain was pouring heavily that night
I stood there, not knowing how long I have been standing with only the hope that I will stay till you open your window pane and smile at me..
She came up to me, by my side and held my shaking hand
My eyes went to her face,
I asked myself where this soul sprung from?
I couldn’t ask her, because she was wearing a rather dry smile
But she was looking at your window
She said, to me
“Your heart has become blind by the love you carry for her. That you can’t see others who are ready to sacrifice everything I have decided to walk
along with you in this downfall
don’t blame me. This is the control
of love over us humans.”
For the first time I realized how beautiful she looks, how brave, how glorious, I thought you were the only one who can move my heart, but then someone more powerful and determined had come along and snatched that which I gave to you on a golden platter.


SHORT STORY: Room 'S' (Continuation)
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