The Lover I Await

I sat on my sit of solitude
Waiting for my lover to come to me.
I watched the birds fly and trees dancing to the rhythms of the cool evening breeze as they were rejoicing in their abode.
I felt one day I might feel like this with my lover.

Like a zephyr,
I heard a faint voice crying So emotionally.
The urge to reach it overpowered me, my body obeyed and I stood up slowly to answer the call.
I saw the pain in his eyes and felt it in my heart.
I kept searching for the right words to aplomb him but found none.
Then my mouth opened:

“Why, why, why?                    Why are you crying the blues? I don’t know how to clean your tears, but don’t you worry, everything will be fine. “

Were the only words I could utter, but then my shoulders I gave him to lean on.
And I felt peace and pain too,

I thought of how to make him happy forever.                               I was lost in the thought of calming his pains that I never realized he had fallen asleep on me.

I relaxed my back so he could sleep comfortably.                    My shoulders hurt, then I realized that he’s the lover I await


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