Register for the Lagos COMICON Book Zone 2018

The BOOKICON hosts five distinct master class sessions that features prominent book professionals from both Nigeria and overseas. They range from award winning and bestselling authors, acclaimed book critiques, book editors and founders of top publishing companies. Attendees will have access to the zone throughout to partake in the entire master classes. They’ll get to learn how to pitch their dreams, network with other writers, meet seasoned writers (home and abroad) and speakers, and also have the opportunity to compete and win prizes.


Aspire, Dream, Prosper’


Building a Writing Career from Scratch


15th of September, 2018.


Conference Hall 2B, Landmark Events Center, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.


10:00 a.m to 5:30 p.m
Between this time, topics scheduled to be treated include:
  1. Plotting and Writing a Bestseller
  2. Selling Your Books and Growing you Reading Audience
  3. Editing your Own Manuscript like a Pro
  4. Getting Published; what your manuscript should look like
  5. Telling the Story of Your Life; Courage, Complexities and Challenges

Why Should You Register?

  • Access to all Master Classes.
  • Chance to meet, network and take photos with celebrity guests and speakers.
  • Free entry into competitions to win prizes.
  • Access to the Exhibition Hall.
  • Access to the After Party.
  • Free Comic Posters

For further information on how to register for this Masterclass, click here.

Intern with Chimamanda Adichie
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