Only Ugly Girls Get Raped

“Only ugly girls get raped”

Was what he said as he walked away 

With my dignity
My mother said:

“A woman’s dignity is between her thighs”
When did girls become puns on a chess board?

When did girls begin to view the silhouette of men as that of a beast?

When did the sight of blood, from a females vagina become an abomination?
Questions were left unanswered and answers became inadequate

My mother said:

“Close your eyes child

your stories unfold in them”
My fear got in the way of my sight

It blinded my eyes

As molten emotions fell to my cheek.
His exclamation was:

“Ah, this is good”
My question was:

“How is God good?”
I heard stories about rape

And thought it was a myth
I watched movies on rape

And thought it was film trick
I saw rape victims 

And thought they were careless 
My mother said 

Rape is a cancer

It eats you up from your vagina 

Till it consumes your mind
“Only ugly girls get raped”

Was what he said as he walked out

With my dignity 

Lying on the cold floor
This is a cold blooded act
Tell my mother

 that the beast has stolen from me

Broken the cover of my dignity

And poured it out for the world to see
Only ugly girls get raped

Was a title

To a myth

A film trick

A careless thought 
Men are no longer thoughtful 

Because we named them beasts
Women are no longer virgins

Because we named them weak
Rape was a cancer

And it ate my mind

Stole from my soul

And preyed on my loneliness


Rape was a thought 

Before it became a lump
Rape was a tumour 

Before it became a cancer
Rape was a tot

Before it became a man
Only ugly girls get raped

Is a stupid title

Lingering in the minds of men 

Who have been raped

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By their ego

And the birds of their thoughts 

Have been caged 

Taught to feed on only decayed warms
Rape is a forceful dance

Open to all,

Willing and not willing 

And not only one leg gets broken

But all 4.


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Victoria Ajose

Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets
​Short Story Series: Diary of the Confused