Nigeria Our Home: Who Will Fight Our Battle?

Nigeria and its youth:

0-18 growing class
19-50 working class
50-above retired class

The above illustrates that the first and the last class depend on the middle age group, and until our government obey this law the nation will never be great.

When you look at the age bracket of those in power you’ll realize that all of them find it normal to stay at home and depend on us.
But here the case is different from what the law says.
We let them rule, make decisions and  do the work that should be our doing.
They move from one post to another even when they’re bed ridden and unable to assist themself.

We let them enslave us…
But, how do we react?
We run to a land filled with greener pastures just to escape the hardship at home.
Then we criticize the people working hard to make home greener.
We call ourselves smart, but we neglect the very sacrifice which is needed
Should we keep blaming our ancestors for it?
Or our negligence to take control of our future and build a home we all will love?

Society isn’t an object society is us.. And we can be a better people (society).

Why do we keep running away from that which defines us?

The land we run to was nurtured by another who decided to wait and fight for its future.
We have more advantage than Dubai, but we can’t be compared to them. We let China destroy us with fake products and cheap goods.

The west use us to experiment new disease. We still accept to live as slaves even In our own home.
If all we do is run who will fight our battle?
We’ve prayed
We’ve fasted
We hope
But never take action
We’re scared of dying for Nigeria
But we are dying of hunger.
We’re scared of dying for our dreams but we’re dying of others greed.

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They divide us to make money
Shouldn’t we unite to fight them?
What is education to them
When their children are not schooling here.
What is modern health care to them
When they don’t even trust our own doctors and hospital?

Statute be their achievements and aims, loot be their deeds.
They cause havoc, then cleanse the lands with our blood.
Shouldnt we wake up and fight?
We’ve done all sort of things; stolen, kidnapped, killed, but they haven’t changed.

Rather than encourage us and sponsor us, they kill us and make us look like fools.
To have a better future you need to grapple society.

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