Kajola Nearly Killed Me – Director, Niyi Akinmolayan

Okay, on a recent post by Magnus we told you Niyi Akinmolayan had started a blog for upcoming filmmakers and Jollof rice addicts.Pretty exciting! He writes well. Well, its his personal blog. So, technically he might as well talk about his past experiences in the movie industry and his love for Sci fi. We’re not sure he loves Jollof rice more than Sci fi

On a recent post on Niyi’s blog he shared what most of his readers call “an emotional experience.” Niyi on the other hand called it KAJOLA: THE UNTOLD STORY OF A NOLLYWOOD ACTION/SCI-FI MOVIE; sounds plain but you’re advised to read the story with a tissue in hand. 🙁

With lessons for everyone, the story climbs from Niyi’s motivation to make a great Sci fi movie in Nigeria to, well, a really sad one. Here’s an excerpt from the story.

“The opening weekend was something else. Lots of people queued for tickets. It sold out. Everyone wanted to see what the buzz was about and then the worst happened. People were expecting the Matrix and I gave them Kajola. They stormed out of the hall. Threatened the ticketing guys. Demanded for their money back. People found me on twitter and facebook and cursed me to death. At a press conference, a reporter threatened to slap me, a small boy for claiming I made a movie. After two days, the movie was taken off cinema. If i had a gun, I would have ended it all. I told my guys to go back to Lagos while I stayed in PH. I needed to pay back my debt to Adonijah. I offered to do any work he had for free for a year. There was no home for me to go to. I had spent two years away from Lagos and everyone. I had failed. I genuinely wanted to be hit by a car. I tried it twice in port-harcourt. Even Death was disappointed in me. Eventually I left PH. Penniless. I had to manage with a friend. Slept in the store. People would come hoping to meet the Kajola director and I would run away.”

Checkout the full story on Niyi’s blog HERE 
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