Fast-forwarding to the future where Live Action African comics have a global appeal

Is it okay to wish for an African Comic book inspired live action movie or a TV show of ones favourites?
If it is, then tag along with me as I share my fantasy for a “now, now” African Comic live action dream.
The geek world on the social media was lit over the last weekend with the newly released Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok trailer being one of the major talking points.
The fans’ anticipation for the movie, even with the release date of a faraway November really sparked my interest and like Oliver Twist, I asked for more: I wished Africa is already at that level where we have our own movies adapted from our own favourite Africa Comic book and wished we could ignite similar interest in the hearts of African Comics enthusiasts like right now, now!
If it is okay to say comic book industry in most African countries is still relatively young, then there is no point wishing for a live action movie we cannot have today, not even with the spin of a magic wand!
Well, but it is okay to talk about the future. Right?
So, let us fast-forward and talk the future of african comics that is near and lay bare what African comics adaptation one might rout for.
Someone like me who always yearn for more would hope one day that favourite African comic book would graduate to animation and eventually have its live action TV show and Film for Cinemas!
Animation before and then live actions.
Two formats here and both seems a tall dream, right?
I know. The journey might be a little long but I really hope to see some of my favourites adapted into TV Shows or movies.
When the dream comes true, It should be Ibrahim Ganiyu’s June XII of Vortex Inc., Stanley Obende’s Avonome of Comic Republic, Kweze by Loyiso Mkize, the SA great artist and Roye Okupe’s EXO of course!
What’s yours?

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TV show or Film for Cinemas? I for one won’t mind whichever comes to reality but would favour a serialised or even episodic TV show of my favourite African comics over a movie and this is why;
Comics on TV is a lifelong engagement with a wider and consistent reach as against the one-night stand romance that cinema films always tend to offer.
Comic book Industry in most African country (if not all) is young. To keep the growing fan base engaged, won’t TV do the trick better?
What’s your take, TV show or Movie for Cinema?
Kindly share your POV in the comment box.
Please read, enjoy and don’t forget to digest whatever African comics that comes your way, today!

Cheers and…Boom!

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