Meet Vortex Comics’ New Character – A Rock Spirit

Okay, so i recently talked about Strike Guard and how he turned a power source for Nigeria’s Nepa but i didn’t know he had something to do with Vortex Comics’ latest release – Ekun #0. I’ll come back to this in a bit.

Now 2 weeks ago we confirmed Comic Book Artist/ Colorist Kurolayefah Owugah will be joining the Vortex Comics team but we didn’t know what role the Shadow Justice #2 Co-creator will play at the Vortex community until now. He is part of the team members that brought Ekun to pages through Vortex. I’m really excited and we expect more from the Artist. Kudos to the entire Vortex team too.

Like every comic I’ve reviewed in my years i promise not to leave any spoi… There’s an ancient form of African martial arts in Ekun #0… but I’ve forgotten what its called. Anyways, like i said, i won’t leave any spoilers. Grab a FREE copy on Issuu here. We hope the team will make it available on other platforms soon too – Who would refuse a hard copy?

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