Familiar Stranger

I saw you today,
and I remembered when my heart used to beat for you,
but yours no longer danced.
We woke up from the dreams we used to have together, and realised we didn’t have a chance.


When does love decide to fly out the window?
Is it when it has seen the promised land with another?
Or do you just bring to a halt your ‘forever’ ?


Our love died like a bird that flew out it’s nest and ate strange food,
I saw the poison spread in the way you gave me vague answers and eventually took to converting my questions to rhetorics.


What did I do to warrant your sudden stance?
How come we don’t talk anymore?

When will we climb past each other’s fence?


I remember how your feet would run towards me,

competing with my heart as it raced against yours in an embrace.
Those feet chose to walk the same path with her; it was a slap on my face.


I remember when your lips could converse with mine-like long lost friends catching up on old times- and I wonder how you could still use those same lips to speak stale lies and lines to your new catch.


Our love is dead; you murdered it the day you gave me that cold stare…
you looked into my eyes and told me you didn’t care.


Now we walk past each other in the same street we’ve walked hand in hand a thousand times before, in awkward silence.

I remember how we used to be,         but you have become someone I used to know; a familiar stranger.


The friends we have in common still ask:
“what happened to us?”
Some, I suspect with feigned sympathy, but I don’t care.
I used to, but I’ve learned to smile and sigh less.

I pray someday we find the heat to melt this ice-cold silence.

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