Engaging Questions to Spice Up Your Book Club Discussions

Being part of or creating a book club is a wonderful experience, but proceeding with book discussions can get a bit tricky amidst all the gist, food, drinks and games (yes, a book club can that much fun!).

Therefore, in order for the essence of your book club reading and meet up not to be lost, we bring you engaging questions to spice things up.

We’re too kind, we know. 😀

The list is exhaustive, so take your time. And…here are the questions  *drum roll*




  1. What was the inciting moment of this book?
  2. Does the author use language in a way that is different or striking?
  3. Do you think the book is well written?
  4. What style or voice does the author use, and how is it effective (or not effective)?
  5. What is your favorite quote or passage?
  6. What does the title mean?
  7. Is there something about the book you don’t understand?
  8. Does the plot and subplots make sense?
  9. Are there any holes or loose ends?
  10. How does the structure of the book (flashbacks, varying points of view) affect the story?
  11. Why did the author choose to present the story in this way?
  12. Does the structure add to or detract from the ideas and themes the author tries to present?
  13. What did you learn in the book that you didn’t know before?
  14. How does the setting affect the theme, characters and plot?
  15. Could it have happened anywhere, at anytime?
  16. If so, how would the novel have changed?


  1. Are the characters likable? What does that mean for the story?
  2. Which character do you most relate to?
  3. How did the writer bring the characters to life?
  4. Did the book characters remind you of another book?
    Describe how the main character changed over the course of the book. Which character did you identify most with?
  5. Did your opinions about any of the characters change
  6. What flaws does the protagonist have?
  7. What strengths does the antagonist have (if there is one)?
  8. What motives the characters?
  9. Do they have a chip on their shoulder, a hidden agenda or a mental health issue?
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Deeper meanings

  1. What themes did you notice? Self-discovery?
  2. Change of power? Inner versus outer strength?
  3. What do you think the author is trying to say to the reader?
  4. How did this book touch your life?
  5. Can you relate to it on any level?
  6. Did you pick up on any symbolism in the story?
  7. What do these objects actually mean? How do the characters interact with these objects?
  8. What is this book’s greatest strength?
  9. What made it good (or not so good)?
  10. Biggest weakness?
  11. What do you think the author was trying to do with the book?

Outside the book

  1. What worldview did the author present?
  2. Did this book fit into a genre?
  3. What conventions of the genre did it follow, and which did it break?
  4. What broader social issues does the book address?
  5. What do you think happens after the book ends?
  6. What choices would you have made differently if you were in the characters shoes?
  7. How does this book rate compared to other books your book club as read?
  8. Would the book make a good film?

Do let us know how if this has been useful to your book club.

These questions were compiled by The Outdoor Book Club

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