​Short Story Series: Diary of the Confused

This short story series was written by Simisola Sowole (Instagram: @burnt_dodo), and is based on theft, s3x, friendship and ambitions.



I sat silently on my bed, nursing my headache. My roommates kept on telling me to use the drugs. With a nauseating look, I threw the pills in my mouth and drank the water. My head throbbed harder.

“Arghh!!” I exclaimed.

I stood from my bed and wore my slippers. My roommates left the room also and I was alone. I got out of my room and locked the door. I really had to use the toilet. I bent down with a bowl of water in my hand and heard a sound. It was the sound of a phone ringing, an IPhone precisely. I walked towards the sound of the phone ringing and got led to a room. It was an empty room. I cut the call and switched the phone off. I turned left and saw another IPhone resting on the bed and switched it off too. On my way leaving the room, I sighted another IPhone under the pillow of another bed and switched it off. That room must have been occupied by big girls of the hostel. I left silently and unlocked my room door. I entered the room and rested on my bed. The three Iphones were stashed in my locker safely. With a groin, I closed my eyes and slept off.

I woke up with loud screams and jumped out of my bed. I rubbed my eyes tiredly. My roommates were in already.

“Three IPhones were stolen at once! Can you imagine?” Bimpe informed in shock.

“Three IPhones, how?” I asked.

“They just went to the next room for a short while and before they returned, it was over. One of the phones is an Iphone7. I swear down! ” Bimpe added.

I screamed loudly with my hands on my head which  was still throbbing with headache.

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People were already in the room and the corridor was crowded. One of the girls was crying and her hands were wavering in the air. People began to console her. The other two girls were silent and visibly angry.

“Mamush! You sabi me abi! You sabi say if I swear now and go to baba, that girl wey thief am go die. How person go come my room thief my phone?  E dey crase?” She shouted.

The girl by her side nodded and sighed.

“Swear and go to baba! Onome, swear!!” The girl wavering her hands commanded.

A girl tried calming her down.

“Abeg make she swear jor!” A girl in the crowd said.

Girls agreed and Onome stood abruptly. She closed her eyes and began to say things in Edo language. After the intervention of the securities, she became silent. The hostel gate was locked and people coming in and out were being searched. Rooms were also searched and cries were heard.

Bimpe, Geraldine and Zainab were all in the room.

“Please, why do people steal?” Zainab asked in concern.

“It’s just wickedness and stupidity. This cannot be justified.” Gerald said.

“I’m just speechless.” I admitted.

“And I’m so sure that those phones can’t be found. Let the securities go to bed. They are even runs babe, their Alhajis would get them another.” Bimpe added.

I ate my corn flakes silently and texted my friend, Samuel. He called shortly.

“How many of them?” He asked.

“Just three. One IPhone7 and two 6s. I’ll see you tomorrow. “ I said and ended the call.

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