Interesting Quotes from Ben Okri’s Book

Hi guys, it’s weekend again.😃 I still marvel at how fast the days whirl by. Anyways, here are some interesting quotes from Ben Okri’ s book Starbook  that I thought to share with you this bright Saturday morning  (wait… I just glanced at the time. It’s almost 1 p.m! How is that?).
Here they are. Feel free to chew and digest them. (Err… literally ofcourse.) ☺

Rumors can destroy only that which is not true and deep. Rumours are like rats that eat away at the foundation of a house. If the foundations are not strong the house will fall anyway without the rats. These things can work for our ends. We must let them come and go. People are seen to be greater if they survive the lies told about them. Out of shame  the world gives more stature to those it has maligned, but only if the maligned ones turn out to be worth their weight in gold. 


Here’s another:

Deceptions have the greatest charm to the eye.

The person who creates is not important, only what they create, what they make.

To remember is the worst form of suffering. 

The less one makes, the more is made.

They suffer much only when they take too seriously the stage on which they are playing a role, and forget that they are free and…

Dying things appear to  thrive. Without new dreams we will surely die. 

Nothing revealed a person more than their art.


That’s all on quotes for today. I particularly liked the last quote. “Nothing revealed a person more than their art.” So so true.

Alright, have fun doing whatever it is you do on Saturdays, and oh, your feedback is always welcome. ✌

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