Leave And Live 

I willingly gave myself to her
I’m her constant doer
I know I’m her puppet

She took over all of me
She took over my pure heart
I tried to break away from her
I made up my mind I’m not going back to her
I tried to convince myself she isn’t right for me

But I can’t help it
I found myself going back and back even worse to her
I wanted to pray over it. Maybe at least prayer could change me
Maybe prayer could turn me around to the right direction
But my conscience wouldn’t allow it.
I felt dirty that my prayer wouldn’t get to the right place
I wanted to talk about her to someone, at least someone I trust
But the word wouldn’t come out

Is this a curse by someone
or self inflected curse by mistake or knowingly?
I got into her myself
and I should break away from her myself

The Door ways..yea the door way..
I found out the door ways
And I hope one day, some day
I’ll gladly receive the divine call “FORGIVENESS”
Without turning back and revisiting her.

PS: Excessive Addiction of any form to man is poisonous. hence, be ready to fight your way out!

Okadabooks Nominated for the Ufere Bookseller of the Year Award
Love Beyond Death
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