“I Could Literally Sit in the Cinema for a Whole Month” – Chioma Kristie Agbaraka, author of ‘FOUR’

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Trust your week has been good so far? Okay, to the gist. I Susan solemnly swear that I’m in love with writers *crosses heart and seals it with a kiss* Lol. On a more serious note, today, I’m going to introduce you to another beautiful and awesome writer/content creator. Her name?   (In John Hurt’s voice from Merlin)

Chioma Christiana Agbaraka, the author of ‘FOUR’

Writing, just like most things on earth is an art. An artist is not as important as what they create, so read on as we find out what her latest creation ‘FOUR’ is all about.

S: Could you give us a fun fact about you?

C: I could literally sit at a cinema house for a whole month, as long as different movies keep playing.

S: Wow, Cool!  So, what is your book “FOUR” about, and why do you consider it a must read?

C: FOUR focuses on the life and challenges of four young ladies in the higher institution. At twenty, Gift had her first relationship which caused her heartbreak and pains. She finds solace in confiding in her friends who most times misled her due to her naivety. Gift- the naive young lady who suffered a great deal in the hands of men. Jessica- The adventurous lady who made a costly mistake in the course of her exploration. Vicky- The single lady and relationship adviser but turns out to be what they never expected. Mabel- The s3x freak and a victim of child abuse.
I consider this book a must read because the incidents are totally relatable to the happenings in the higher institution. There are instances that were based on true life stories and readers would easily learn from the lessons.
It is a book for everyone and serves as an eye opener for those struggling through peer pressure and indecisions.

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S: What brought about you writing this book?

C: I saw the need for it. I think most writers tend to shy away from writing a book like FOUR, maybe due to the use of words and the exposure. It is better for readers to familiarize themselves with occurrences like this so as to avoid irrevocable mistakes in the future. To avoid such cycle of mistakes, this book addresses and educate readers on how best to handle certain situations.

S: Awesome. Do you think the sales of E-copies of books complements that of hard copies?

C: I personally don’t think the sales of e-copies of books affect the sales of hard copies.
It all lies in preference and most people prefer what they see than what they have to download online. E-copies have made reading and purchasing books easier, but most Nigerians would definitely opt for the hardcopy. Sometimes, the hardcopy signifies the real value for their money than e-copies. With time, I guess we would embrace e-copies the more.

S: Has your book ever been read in a book club before? If yes, which?

C: No, my book has never been read in a book club before and I do look forward to it.

S: Lastly, Chioma, how can readers connect with you?

C: Readers can connect with me  through these platforms:

Facebook: Chioma Kristy Agbaraka
Okadabooks: http://Bit.ly/fourthebook

Instagram: Xtianadora


Thank you for reading, and shout to Chioma for giving us a peek into her mind through her art. We’re expecting more awesome works!

Don’t forget, you can get Chioma’s book ‘FOUR’ on Okadabooks through the link above. It won’t take time at all.

That’s it on the interview for this now. I bet you can’t guess who we’ll interview next. Hehehe…

If you have any questions for the author of ‘FOUR’, kindly leave a comment below.

Thank you!

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