Another Day Over Here

It started like every other day, clear skies’ beautiful enough to deceive anyone from what’s soon to be…


I headed off to the market enjoying the wind in my face and feeling of a foodie . LoL.


And just as swift as could imagine the rain poured out of the sky and only then did I realize my mistake *entering a bike without an umbrella or as we call it here in the South – ‘Umbrella Bikes’.*


But that lead me to another kind of experience entirely. We parked at a commonspace for bikes with no Umbrellas watching one after the other as they came in to avoid the rain, some with passengers alighting off, bodies sprinkled with rain spots, faces looking indifferent to the situation. Some tired, some sitted on the floor, others with phone in hand, drivers staring out to the road wishing they had an umbrella, passengers waiting on the rain to continue their day’s activities. But then there were those that were having a chat here, a laugh there, a smile here and there with others.


It all looked like a picture with a beautiful story.


Seems we’re gonna be here for a couple of minutes, I guess I’ll have to wait the rain out before I can get to the market and make that yummy food






Among the Metal Beasts | Susan Atiomo | Fiction
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