African Comicbooks Out This April [Add yours too]

African Comicbooks!!!

So we crossed the first quarter 🙂

There are some things about a couple of African Comicbooks that makes them UnAfricanish. Sometimes it’s the story, other times the costume of a character… Go figure.

Anyways, i am not here to dive into what a truly African Comicbook should look like. Instead, I will be listing a couple of African Comicbooks that are out this April. Wait! Let’s do it together. I list the ones i know, you add yours in the comment box below this post.

First, let’s do a quick recap.

I recently talked about Comic Republic’s Beatz here. No one asked about my opinion so i did not leave any. It’s set in a futuristic Nigeria where the infamous Zobo is now canned, hallelujah!

Orisha Pikin #4 is out. I wrote a spoiler free review here.  Also, the creative genius behind Orisha Pikin publicly released its scripts here on Kaboom. You can steal them and also read the comicbooks by clicking here.

Shey you know April fool is over? Adeniyi Lawal Joined Kaboom this April… See his speculations about African comicbooks and the future here

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Industry Night: The Social Hangout for the Creative Arts Industry happened last month. It will happen again on the last Friday of this month?

Sooooo… Comicbooks out this April. Can i do this without spoiling at least one of these comicbooks? Amen

Avonome #7

#1 – Avonome: Chill, if you have not read a single issue then you must have seen a cover or heard about Avonome somehow…. right? C’mon! I mean, it’s Comic Republic we’re talking about here.

Avonome is the story of Hilda Avonomemi Moses, born in 1937, in the remote village of Etunor, a settlement in Ighara, Edo state. She disappears without a trace only to reappear in a cemetery in recent times, still unchanged, with no memory of who she was or where she had been all this while, except a knowledge of her name, a mysterious companion and an unbelievable gift – the ability to see spirits. Avonome: The real Within #7 is set to be released on the 17th of April 2017.

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Orisha Pikin #4

#2 – Orisha Pikin: This comicbook… sigh… It pains me it’s not released weekly. Orisha Pikin is beautifully terrific. I wrote reviews of OP #4 already here . You can read the newly released issue here.

Ara - African comicbook

#3 – Ara #1: I read the pilot episode of Ara and it was wicked cool. Especially the fight scene with Nok Terrakotta.  Wait what? Who said anything about a fight?

For the first time i also got to see an Albino in an African Comicbook. That was in the pilot issue. Ara is published by wildfire comics. [update] Ara drops in May?

Scion Comic Republic

#4 – Scion (immortals) #2: In ancient times, a race of undying warriors, know as the perennials rampaged over the area now know as eastern Nigeria, conquering all before them. But all reigns come to an end, and like all times the past and the present rely on each other for tomorrow to exist.

I recently downloaded Scion. It is published by Comic Republic as well. I have not read it but i see it in every African comicbook group i’m in. You can read Scion #1 and #2 by clicking here.

StrikeGuard Vortex comics

#5 – StrikeGuard (Iranti) #4 – Yaba Left: StrikeGuard is published by Vortex Comics and this particular issue is already out. That Spirit Wars feeling. Take it all in here.

I cannot possibly know all the comicbooks out this month can i? That is why i need you to help spread the word.

Which one did i miss? Please leave a comment.

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African Comic Book Fandom: The Orisha Pikin black magic that works.