A Literature on Literature

I never consider her attractive in anyway during our childhood days.
She was boring and akward.
She reminded me of unclear writings,
and difficult words and boring subjects too.

She always wanted me to play along side with her,
when all i wanted was TV.
“Hey lets play ball” She said with a smile.
So i avoided her like a plague.
She called herself many names but i didnt want to play.

Now that we are older
As i walked by,
in clean shoes and bag,
my eyes caught sight of a beauty.
I can still remember clearly how we first met.
I remember that familiar face at the bookshop.
Her name is “The great expectation”
“My father’s name is Charles Darwins” She reminded me and stretched out her hand happily and we shook.

What a masterpiece
She was the desire of every man.
Every poet would desire to have as a bride.
Her smile charms like the sun.
Very Bright.
Her hair like the sacks of dark sky on a raining day.
Richly dark,cascading upon her beautiful shoulders.
Her teeth whiter than a new born child in its milk,
whiter than the moon in its brightness.

Her Large bones shielded by
supple brown flesh,
Its smooth texture conceals its vein and skin porosity.
A perfect structure for a lady.
Her breast was full,hard nippled
and her wide hips clung to her beautiful legs.
I could feel the warmth from her embrace,stiring my desire.

Her atires were elegant
and she moved with graceful happy steps,
like a jumping, happy, play-filled child.
She hides no secrets from me.

Holding my hands as we grazed the open fields.
Her eyes is full of love.
Happy that i found her and now we were finally together,
and married.
Her body language,
her riddles and enigma
her idom expressions
sounded like tingling prose to my ears,
and well understood.

In the morning and night
we both shared secrets of love with God in our prayers,
like the songs of solomons.
She is like fire in my bosom,
but she doesnt consume me,
but inspires me with loving words.
She was given to me by God.
My perfect rib.
The flesh of my flesh,
and bone of my bones.

When i am weary,
she encourages me,
to love God more than i love her,
that our earthly existence was only temporary.
Our souls intertwined with love
to the very end unto eternity.

“My father Darwin is dead but i can never die she tells me.”
As we stood by the grave of man to remember his words.
“I am everything you need to describe life” she assured me.
So i planted her face with wet kisses
and on her cheeks and lips and caressed her body gently on the poetic bed,
and together we have a child,
his name is personification.
I hold them dearly
and cherish her with words.

Personification is so full of life.
He dances when am asleep.
He wakes me up like an alarm clock.
“Daddy! Daddy!! wake up it’s morning”
Taking of the bed spread and jumping on the bed.
“Go away child,Daddy needs more sleep”
“Daddy! Daddy!! wake its morning, the sun has already taken its bath.”
My eyes flashed open on what that means.
The sun had taken its birth? The time was 9am.
Quickly in a flash I hurried out of bed,
like i suddenly remembered something and then gazed at the window
and at the beautiful sky
and the earth
and its nature.
As i sit to write,
Personification walks up to me and says
“Daddy! Daddy!! when am i going to have brothers and sisters?”
And then my mind wonders on other literary devices.
The Metaphor and Similes,
hyperbole and paradox,the idioms,
but i was frightened of having irony as a child.
She smiles at me and assures that everything will be fine with the right approach to life.
Life is indeed beautiful with literature.

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