Wide Awake I Jennifer Orisakwe I Poetry



‘I don’t know ‘

Is the title of the hymn we sing

Hands clasped in sacrifice

They say God’s voice comes after darkness

But darkness has its butt in the sun’s face


Everyday another flesh on the altar we lay

Winnowing cremated dust to hades

Our sight was translational

But the eyes have chosen to be rotational 

Familial blood is the wine we drink and hurt is a massage to the skin


I can swear that we never dreamt

I slept wide-awake; I saw it all

Yet ‘I don’t know ‘

Is the title of the hymn they sing

Someone lied

We were wide awake


Jennifer Ifeatu is a Nigerian Public Health Enthusiast, Creative Writer, and Poet who hinges on writing for life support.  Her works have appeared on Kalahari Review, WRR, Medium, Words are Work, Poemify, DNBStories and more. Her short story, Ekwensu’s Harvest is currently telling whoever cares to listen, African tales.


She lives in the city of Lagos where the Atlantic Ocean and the yellow metropolitan buses keep her mind alive. 

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